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Sports Head Soccer is a fun game that keeps you hooked up for about 30 minutes. The goal of the game is to score your opponent using scrawny legs and bobble sized head. At the end of the game, you submit your score to earn gold. The game is hard compared to related games, which are way too easy. More so, the first level can be challenging for a starter, but it can be easy for an expert player. However, in later stages, you will find it pretty easy and it can guarantee you an easy win. With ten action-packed games, Sports Head Soccer is an incredibly polished game, and perhaps the best in its genre. Nonetheless, the game has some game-play errors. For instance, if the ball gets past you – regardless of your position in the field- your opponent will score. Your character is very slow that you will rarely catch up with the ball, and if you do, it is too difficult to stop it.

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